Who we are

Building Bridges is a network of researchers, journalists, policy makers and librarians that aims at influencing policy though knowledge translation.

The network’s central premise is that greater access to more accurate information leads to better decisions, healthier behaviours, and more effective policies. Through its activities, the network promotes the dissemination of health research information by fostering long-term relationships between researchers, journalists, and policy-makers.

We, the stakeholders (researchers, policymakers, and knowledge intermediaries, including journalists, broadcasters, librarians, journal editors, and others) concerned with the diffusion of health information in Uganda, gathered at Munyonyo, Kampala, from 26 to 28 April 2017, on the occasion of the first in a series of Building Bridges forums, declare that: Whereas:

  • Health information is a vital but often neglected resource in ensuring, maintaining and securing the health of all people;
  • The best available health information should be disseminated and utilized in the country: be of the highest quality, accuracy, relevance, timeliness and applicability, and respect local cultural norms;
  • The chain of health communication involves many stakeholders – including researchers, policymakers, and knowledge intermediaries;
  • Health information should be checked for veracity and expressed in ways that are appropriate for the conditions and cultures of the recipients. This also applies to health information from open or external sources such as the internet;