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Uganda Health Communication Network (UHCN) 2021 Annual Scientific Conference at Kabira Country Club, Kampala

The overall objective of the Uganda Health Communication Network (UHCN) is to share evidence-based research between health researchers, policymakers, and knowledge intermediaries (journalists, librarians, editors). UHCN provides a platform for influencing health policy and practices through research and effective communication. The network’s central premise is that greater access to more accurate information leads to better decisions, healthier behaviors, and more effective policies.

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Uganda Health Communication Network Conference 26th – 28th June 2019 at Protea Hotel Kololo, Kampala

NCDs cause over 100,000 deaths in Uganda annually, which is 35% of the total annual deaths in the country, according to the World Health Organization.

The conference brought together researchers, policymakers, and knowledge intermediaries such as journalists, librarians, and journal editors for the dissemination of time and evidence-based health information.

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