Uganda’s National health communications network, sharing the best research based evidence between health researchers, policy makers and knowledge intermediaries (journalists, librarians, editors).


To provide a platform for influencing health policy and practice through research and effective communication.

Strategic objectives

The network has six main strategic objectives that will guide its work:

  1. A platform to facilitate the work of the network. This includes an active website and online resources mobilized for members and others, as well as a listserv with a moderator.
  2. Communicating the best research-based evidence: the development and dissemination of research and policy briefs; collaboration with research institutions/researchers; creation of research dissemination forums; setting up a repository of ongoing research; collaborating with the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology,, the World Health Organization and others; provide resources suitable for Ugandan journalists and other health communicators; engaging with health librarians to source the best information; establish direct connections with editors of health journals and other literature; provide an avenue for two-way communication with the diaspora; advocacy for the development and sharing of health information in Uganda.
  3. Providing information support in emergencies: developing a support mechanism that would provide timely and high-quality information in the case of emergencies; establishing links with sources of information support that can be called upon in emergencies.
  4. Training of relevant groups: training of groups involved in research, policy development and implementation, health communication, library work and knowledge brokerage (i.e., policy makers, journalists, researchers and librarians).
  5. Influencing policy and practice: This would be achieved through avenues such as policy briefs; press releases; hosting policy dialogues; policy to research and research to policy initiatives.
  6. Governance and resource mobilization: establishing a sustainable governance and resource mobilization model.